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MRI and CT, and all in a friendly, safe, and stress-free environment due to the fact we use no confined or enclosed machinery.


We specialize in pain management. This provided via cutting-edge technology and minimally-invasive techniques. These procedures are combined with image-guidance to optimize diagnostic and therapeutic benefit. Read more…


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Welcome To Open Advanced MRI Northwest


A Message From Our Vancouver Location


Open Advanced MRI of Vancouver is the only local facility to still offer independent, outpatient MRI and CT imaging as an alternative to our overwhelmed local hospitals. We employ the very latest high field OPEN MRI technology, which gives your patients all the benefits of an open MRI configuration with no sacrifices to image quality or speed.
From the in-office preauthorization all the way to the final imaging report, our focus is to perform high quality, MRI scans, CT scans, and 3-D image guided, minimally invasive pain therapy interventional procedures.

We are located at the ground level with no need for elevators/escalators, direct access from the street or the parking lot without traversing corridors or other populated common spaces whereby there is almost zero direct contact with other patients.  We practice a most rigorous safety program, and proud to report that we have a perfect or zero-Covid infection record for both our staff and patients. This is paramount when selecting a medical delivery environment, if at higher health risk, worried about “long Covid” comorbidities, all in all concerned about attending a crowded medical imaging environment.

We strive for personalized, courteous service where our patients are treated as family, this at a very substantial cost discount when compared to that charged at a large center, distinct advantages that are only possible in the outpatient, privately managed and team-oriented setting. With today’s healthcare costs spiraling upward, these benefits are even more substantial.
We are now accepting new patients, and can schedule as soon as this week. Send us a referral, and let us show you what you’ve been missing.
Located within the Mill Plain Plaza Mall, with easy access from the I-205 freeway and ample parking.


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Portland - Open Advanced MRI NW

9370 SW Greenburg Road
Portland, OR 97223
Phone: (503) 246-6666
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Vancouver - Open Advanced MRI NW
221 NE 104th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98664
Phone: (360) 253-2525
Fax: (360) 253-3611
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Satisfied, Happy Patients!
thumb_01_60_60Tina Eddy
“I could not go into a traditional MRI due to claustrophobia. They provided a chair for my husband and we were able to hold hands. I felt I could get help anytime if I needed it. Very nice staff.”
thumb_02_60_60 Stephen Doerk
“Couldn’t have been an easier appointment. The tech was pleasant and put me at ease, making sure I understood every step. The receptionist was easy going as well. Overall a pleasant experience.”
thumb_03_60_60 Mychell Vincent
“Already plagued with anxiety, the idea of being in an enclosed large machine and unable to leave at my own will escalated my anxiety, to say the least. Lindsey at Gresham was amazing, she put me at ease and helped me through the first few minutes. Before I knew it, the procedure was over and I was none the worse for wear. I would highly recommend Gresham open Advanced MRI.”
thumb_01_60_60 Diana Allmer
“It was so much nicer to get my MRI at Open Advanced than previous MRIs I’d had at other places. I have a slight bit of claustrophobia and I didn’t realize how much I had until the first time I had to get an MRI in the “usual” type of machine. This is so much better and I felt the staff was all very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable too.”
thumb_02_60_60 M Mayer
“It was a pleasant experience. The staff and the technician who performed the scanning were very professional. It was faster than I thought, and by the time I knew it, I was already done! No Anxiety at all. Thank you Open Advanced MRI! I highly recommend your office.”
Rita Magionos
“I couldn’t have been more pleased with Jennifer and Kaira at the front desk, who put my mind at ease with their competence, willingness to answer any questions and their professional demeanor, which put my mind at ease. The surroundings were bright, cheery and comfortable. I couldn’t have been more comfortable and felt as though I was part of the family. I would highly recommend Open Advanced MRI NW in Tigard to anyone. They are a first class, A-number-one team! Thank you!”
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