Locally Owned And Operated, Fully Independent And Able To Focus On The Single Most Important Aspect Of Medicine – You, Our Patient.


Locally owned and operated, fully independent and ABLE to focus on the single most important aspect of medicine – you, our patient.

Accept that your experience with us be truly individualized and personal. We aim to provide the kind of service excellence that is uncommon in today’s health care. From the people you interact with when you first call us, or personally meet at our centers, to the professionals responsible for conducting your examination and the doctors who are interpreting your imaging, our staff will respect your time, attempt to provide comfort and, most of all, treat you with utmost dignity. In the end, we need to provide you with a hospitable experience that helps you relax so that we can then truly give you the best medical care possible.

We build our entire product from grounds up. We focus to best understand your unique presentation and you may, at times, find such approach slightly obsessive. Subsequently we aim to tailor your medical imaging assessment to best fit you and your provider’s requirements. This is a much more involved process than the “line production” you may have experienced elsewhere. To adjust to everyone’s particular situation could be very time consuming, that said, when practiced consistently by a hand-picked team of highly dedicated and talented professionals, it becomes possible. Our doctors are with you throughout the examination, often reviewing your scan at the imaging consoles as these are acquired in real time and always able to adjust what is needed or could be achieved at each and every step of your examination.

We specialize in what many others find overly challenging. Simply stated we will engage our entire resources and earned experience so that you are successful in completing your examination or receiving the therapeutic intervention results that you expect. You might have been rushed at another site, not able to complete the exam at yet another. We are motivated to go the extra mile, spend the added time. We mean “patient-centric” medical care and are willing to prove ourselves to you.

Our equipment is strategically selected. We know what we are doing, none of us is a sophomore or attitude driven. Our MRI scanners are open design not the large donut or short-length tunnel that others may call “open”. It is truly open. We want that you check our website images or best come and see for yourself. At times even this may not be sufficient to provide the comfort and assurances needed to complete your examination. For this reason we adjust further and provide sedation and pain control on site. Our CT scanners, well, simply stated, we operate the latest FDA-approved systems that generate the lowest possible radiation that is often one-quarter the radiation delivered by other systems, all this while obtaining the best images possible with today’s technology. How can we do this? One main reason is that we are not encumbered by politics and can select each system based on its own merit.

Is this too much to promise? Something has to give, right? As a team we select for talent and passion. We require the right attitude and have the resources to build the needed aptitude. Large management and shareholders privy is not something we need to be concerned with. We do not follow others and our investments are proactive. Moreover, we consider that you, our patient are partnering with us in your care and thus tend to hold you responsible for it. We frown on missed appointments without proper cancellation. We opt to be very, very competitively priced, thus affordable for all who need our care. We can do this by observing that each patient fulfills their stated financial obligations, otherwise stated, we feel that it is simply unjust to shift the burden around by precarious collections, then raise our prices to compensate for the negligence of few. We don’t like surprises for you so we verify your insurance benefits before your appointment for peace of mind. In case a pre-authorization is needed same day review and authorization is our goal. We are your advocate and we will offer our full support so that your insurance fulfills their obligation when the examination or treatment are needed for your care.

We can most often accommodate same day appointments. We offer extended hours and are open Saturdays. We understand that we need to adjust to the market needs and not the other way around. If there is a request for a specific task, let’s say the need for a 5:00 am appointment, our answer will be “it can be done” and follow with options for you to choose from. We are always accessible to your physician to answer questions, address concerns and ensure the timely delivery of your test results.

Lastly, we value change as in further development or refinement. You can further help us, mold us to become better aligned with your needs. This is not an empty statement. It is truly your responsibility to contribute preserve and improve the care in your own community. Tell us what needs more attention. We will listen carefully, we need and want to.

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