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All you need is your passport. 

An order from a medical provider is optional, though a provider on file where to send our report(s) is required.

Mention to our coordinating specialists that you are calling regarding the CANADIAN PATIENT PROGRAM

YVR to PDX is 1 hr. 15 min on Air Canada or Alaska Airline. PDX to our Outpatient Clinic in Vancouver WA is 15 min on Uber/Lift (10 km).

Portland (or Vancouver WA) hotels have the lowest rates in the Pacific Northwest – further there is no sales tax in OR.

Portland is the Gastropolis of America w. many ethnic, authentic and fabulous restaurants. 


Please call for pricing of exams (USD)


We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality care at the lowest cost. We offer many services including:

  • Open MRI a must when claustrophobic or bariatric
  • CT Scan – low dose, 3D
  • 3D minimally invasive image guided procedures back and/or joints pain management to include orthobiologic treatments (PRP) 

We Look forward to the opportunity to care for you!



Tara Fisher
Tara Fisher
Had my first ever CT scan with contrast today. I was very nervous. The staff were kind and friendly. Appt was on time and efficient.
Jovita F
Jovita F
Very positive experience for someone with severe claustrophobia like me. Upon arrival the registration person was kind and professional. I felt immediately I was on the right place at Open Advanced MRI. The technician doing the brain MRI was great! He understood my fears and reassured me. He was very patient, professional, and caring! I strongly recommend this MRI facility for anyone, in particular for people claustrophobic like me Thank you so much Open Advanced MRI, well done!!!
adriana linares
adriana linares
I was here at 7:30 am. Everything was ready for me to sign and go to the test. Workers showed they cared about my experience and were very attentive. Thank you
Lia Pendergrass
Lia Pendergrass
My experience there was very good. All the people were nice and explained exactly what you were going to do.
Drew DeBois
Drew DeBois
Very professional and pleasant staff. The Open MRI is a much less stressful experience than the traditional tube.
Shelley O
Shelley O
Positive overall experience. Super quick to schedule (less than a week from initial referral), professional staff, easy process. Would definitely recommend.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones
Yes. Everyone was very nice and I had very good experience. I have never had an MRI where I was given headphones and my choice of music to listen to. Very relaxing. Overall 10 out of 10. Thank you all so much.
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams
It was a very professional and excellent experience. I was worried about not being fully sedated, but it went well. The technician was superb.
r a
r a
Yes it was good. Front staff was pleasant and helpful. Scan Technician was also pleasant, courteous, and patient. He was helpful in explaining what and when things were happening. Overall a good experience
Becca Lovincey
Becca Lovincey
Very prompt and courteous! They let you know what is happening and have great follow up. Wonderful staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An MRI Safe?
The strength of the magnetic field and the frequency of the radio waves have no known harmful effects. However, there are some patients who can’t have an MRI test due to certain metallic and or electronic implanted devices. Not all metallic implants are contraindicated for MRI. You’ll be thoroughly screened prior to your exam to determine your safety.
Does My Size Matter?

Our MRI systems are built to accommodate patients up to 450 lbs. We’ll assist in making you feel as comfortable as possible during your exam.

Do I Need A Referral From My Doctor?
In order to perform the study we need a referral from your physician. Your doctor will provide us with the necessary information to perform the most accurate study.
How Do I Prepare For An MRI Scan?
The best way is to arrive metal-free wearing loose-fitting clothing with no buttons, zippers or metal. Leave all jewelry at home. Should you need to change, we do have changing rooms and lockers for your personal belongings. The technologist will instruct you on what items of clothing you need to remove prior to your exam.
What Happens During An MRI Scan?
You’ll be asked to lie down on the scanning table, usually on your back. We’ll make you comfortable with the aid of pillows, blankets, and sponges. An MRI coil is placed around the part of the body to be scanned. This acts as an antenna sending and receiving signals from the body part. MRI is motion sensitive so you’ll be asked to lie still during each scan. The technologist will be in contact with you throughout the exam.
Will I Hear Any Noise During The Scan?
Once the machine starts you’ll hear a variety of knocking sounds during each scan. Earplugs are available or we’ll provide you with piped in music. You’re welcome to bring your own CD! There’s a two-way intercom system allowing communication between you and the technologist.
What Do I Need To Tell The Technologist Before The Scan?
When you schedule your exam, you’ll be screened for MRI safety. Some implanted devises, particularly ones with batteries are contraindications for MRI. Advise the technologist of any previous surgeries, any reactions to previous exams/medications.
How Soon Will Receive The Results?
Your doctor will receive faxed results within 24 hours. If you’d like a copy sent to another medical practitioner, inform the office at the time of your exam. If you’d like a copy of your report, please let the office know and they’ll mail or fax a copy to you.
Is The Image Quality The Same As A Closed MRI?
Yes, the images from our open MRI systems are comparable to the images from a closed system. Using state-of-the-art technology, and aggressively pursuing the latest protocol developments have dramatically improved the quality of scans generated by Open Advanced MRI NW.
Are There Any People Who Can't Or Shouldn't Have An MRI?
MRI poses no danger to the majority of patients. Certain medical conditions will prevent someone from having an MRI. The strong magnetic field can cause disruption to internally placed devices such as pacemakers, heart valves, and aneurysm clips.
Can My Child Have An MRI?
Yes, your child can have an MRI. With the open MRI system, a parent may stay in the scan room with the child and hold their hand during the scan. This is a great way to relieve any apprehension the child or the parent may have about the procedure.
What If I'm Pregnant?
MRI is not usually recommended for women in their first trimester. Although there are no known side effects from MRI, your referring physician, OB/GYN and our radiologist will decide whether an MRI is warranted.
Who Reads My MRI?
A board certified radiologist is a medical doctor specifically trained to read diagnostic images including X-rays, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, and MRIs. The radiologists who work for Open Advanced MRI NW have completed a fellowship in MRI.
What Is Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA)?
While the most common MR Angiograms ordered are of the carotid and vertebral arteries of the head and neck, MRAs can be done of other major arteries such as the aorta, the renal and the femoral arteries. MR Angiography is used to generate images of the arteries to evaluate them for stenosis, occlusion, malformations and the like.
What Is The Difference Between An MRI Scan And A CT Scan?
One of the most basic differences between the two tests is that CT scanning uses radiation whereas MRI uses a magnetic field and a radio wave. Both disciplines have a purpose in medical imaging however, MRI is superior to CT in the demonstration of soft tissue pathology. Your doctor can best advise which test would be most appropriate for you.
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